Donner 14-inch 5 Piece Beginner Drum Set

The Donner 14-inch 5 Piece Beginner Drum Set is designed for beginners who want to learn to play the drums. It includes a bass drum, two mounted toms, a floor tom, and a snare drum. The drum shells are made from poplar wood, which is a common material for beginner drum sets, and they come in a glossy finish.

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The hardware of the drum set is made from chrome, and the set includes a hi-hat stand, a cymbal stand, a snare stand, and a bass drum pedal. The drum set also comes with a drum throne and a pair of drumsticks.

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  • Perfect Junior Durm Set- Donner EDS-220 is perfect for aspiring young musicians ages 3-10 years old.The child kit including 14” x 10” bass drum x 1,6”x 4” fixed tom x 1,8”x 4” fixed tom x 1,8”x 4” fixed snare drum (with stand) x 1,12”x8” floor tom x 1, 8” hi-hat (with stand) x 1, 10” straight cymbal (with stand) x 1, 5A wooden drum x 2,small wooden drum x 2, bass pedal x1, circular cushion adjustable drum seat x 1
  • High Quality- The drum shell is made of horizontal-grained poplar wood, with high strength, uniform vibration and loud sound.It adopts a 6-ear structure, which has greater skin tension and better skin vibration than similar products. The bass drum is made of high-quality silver rims with coated brackets.
  • Accessories- The set also contains a bench, a pair of adult drum sticks and small drum sticks, which is convenient for parents or teachers to accompany other to play.The bench adopts a double-plate structure with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 198 lbs (90 kg).
  • Easy Assembly-For easy and fast transportation, we do not assemble the product. But don't worry,we have detailed installation instruction video for you.It's won't take you many times.
  • Attentive Service-Our shelf life is 12 months, so if you have any questions, or you want more more installation information,just contact us

One of the notable features of this drum set is its compact size. The bass drum is 14 inches in diameter, which is smaller than standard drum kits, making it a good choice for young beginners or those with limited space.

Overall, the Donner 14-inch 5 Piece Beginner Drum Set is a good option for those who are just starting to learn to play the drums. It is affordable, comes with all the necessary hardware, and is compact enough to fit in small spaces. However, as with any beginner drum set, it may not have the same sound quality as more expensive professional drum sets.

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